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Perhaps your windows are stuck in a certain position and can no longer be completely closed or opened. Or maybe they have developed fogged-up glass, making it difficult for you to see out of your windows and enjoy the beautiful views around your home. Either way, you’ll want to contact Kennedy Glass in DC. We’re a team of window glass repair experts in Washington, DC, and we have helped many clients with bringing their windows back to excellent condition. Schedule an appointment with our specialists to use our professional repair services!

What We Can Do for You

We specialize in cracked glass window glass repair and can assist you with fixing hairline cracks on your windows. We’ll take the right steps to ensure that the cracks are properly filled and won’t grow bigger over time. Of course, we’ll make sure that the repaired areas will be noticeable so your windows won’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Aside from fixing cracked glass, we also provide window screen repair services. Having structurally sound window screens is important since they keep mosquitos and other insects away while allowing fresh air to flow freely into your home.

When Repairs Aren’t Enough

If your windows have been seriously damaged, it might no longer be possible to bring them back to good shape. Even if your windows are still fixable, the required repairs might be more than half the cost of new windows, which means that doing a complete window glass replacement will make more financial sense.

If this is the case with your windows, there’s no need to fret since Kennedy Glass in DC is here to assist you. We’ll help you select replacement windows that meet your budget, fit your home’s architectural style, and can help you save energy and money in the long run. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll take care of the entire replacement process, from removing your old windows to ensuring that the new ones are properly installed.

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Whether you need help with window glass repairs or replacement, you won’t go wrong with trusting Kennedy Glass in DC. Dial (202) 892-7916 today to book an appointment with us and use our home window glass repair solutions in Washington, DC!


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