Hire Glass Experts Who Specialize in Frameless Glass Shower Doors!

Kennedy Glass in DC is known for our residential and commercial door repair services in Washington, DC. However, we don’t just fix glass doors and other glass surfaces — we also specialize in frameless shower door installation. Call us if you’d like to replace your shower curtain with a glass shower enclosure!

The Importance of Installing Frameless Shower Doors

Traditionally, glass shower doors were built with a metal frame that keeps them securely attached to the bathroom wall. Framed shower doors do their job well, but they deteriorate at a fast rate because the metal frame can develop corrosion due to the constant exposure to moisture and humidity.

As the frame rusts over time, its structural integrity declines until it becomes too weak to support the weight of the glass panels. When this happens, the shower door can crash to the floor and break into tiny pieces. This results in expensive sliding glass door repair and replacement projects, and it can even lead to serious property damage and bodily injuries.

Fortunately, you can avoid these scenarios by investing in frameless glass shower doors. These don’t rely on metal frames to stay strong and stable, which means that you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. Aside from being durable, frameless shower doors also create an illusion of space since they allow natural light to freely enter your bathroom. This is greatly useful especially if your bathroom is on the small side since you can make it appear bigger than it actually is.

Beyond Installation: We Also Tackle Shower Door Repairs

Just like any other glass surface, glass shower doors can develop chips, cracks, and other damage over time. Fortunately, most of these issues can be easily fixed by experts like us. We’re known for our door entrance glass repair services, but we don’t stop at fixing entrance doors since we also repair glass shower doors! Just call us and our experts will be there to bring your shower doors back to excellent condition

Kennedy Glass in DC is the right contractor to call if you need frameless shower door installation and repair services. Contact us now at (202) 892-7916! You can also give us a ring if you need door close repair solutions and other glass services in Washington, DC.


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