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When people decide to get new mirrors for their home, their first instinct to browse through shops that offer home decor. There’s nothing wrong with buying ready-made mirrors but, if you’re a homeowner, you have to realize that it isn’t your only option since you can also order custom mirrors.

Don’t worry since getting custom-made mirrors isn’t as difficult as it seems! If you live in Washington, DC, you can simply approach Kennedy Glass in DC and commission a custom mirror from us. As a team of glass specialists, we have the skills and equipment to create a mirror from scratch and give you the elegant and eye-catching mirror that you’ve been dreaming of. Call us so our experts can start designing your new mirror!

The Benefits of Getting Custom-Made Mirrors

One of the biggest perks of ordering a custom mirror is that you’ll get to choose its exact dimensions. For instance, if you want to have a mirror that spans the entire length of your bathroom wall, you’ll most likely have difficulties with finding the right product on store shelves. However, if you opt for a custom-made product, this won’t be a problem since you can simply tell your glass specialist how big your mirror should be. As a result, you can have the mirror that perfectly fits your needs without having to spend hours scouring store aisles and shelves.

Another benefit of buying a custom mirror: you have full control over its design. Whether you want your mirror to have beveled edges or you’re dreaming of a mirror with a sleek pencil polish, you have the assurance that your custom mirror will meet your needs and expectations.

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Kennedy Glass in DC should be your first port of call if you want to order custom mirrors. Dial (202) 892-7916 now to speak with our glass experts in Washington, DC and take advantage of our professional glass solutions!


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