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Welcome to our very informative services page. Kennedy Glass in DC offers many useful services at reasonable prices. Our work is very customizable to your specific needs and our knowledgeable staff will know exactly how to help you with your problem. Our company caters to both commercial and residential clients in Washington, DC where we offer the following services:

Glass Repair 

Depending on the significance and scale of the damage in question, glass doesn’t always need to be fully replaced. We have special techniques and excellent equipment which can allow us to make repairs on glass seamlessly!

Vanity Mirror Repair 

A vanity mirror needs to be precise and pristine in order to fulfill its intended purpose. Whether your home vanity mirror is broken or if you need repairs for a vanity mirror in your hair or beauty salon, we can certainly help you. Once we see the extent of the damage, we will be able to tell you whether repairs or a replacement would suit your needs better.

Broken Window Glass Repair

A broken window is not something you want your home or business to have at any given time. Yet, cracks and other major damage can’t always be avoided. When you need the glass of your window to be replaced with a new one, you can turn to our pros. Fixing a broken window may not seem difficult at first but without the proper expertise and equipment, it could end up a total disaster. It’s not worth risking it, so call our experts instead. We will ensure your glass will be replaced with an exact match for your window panes!

Custom Mirrors 

If you want to cover your dance studio with mirrors or wish to custom fit a mirror for your bathroom or dresser door, we have all the solutions you seek. With high-quality glass and top-of-the-line glass working equipment at our disposal, we can provide you with an immaculate custom mirror!

Window Installation

We install new windows and replace broken window panes with great speed and efficiency. We have plenty of experience as well as the necessary tools to perform this service. The work we do is always precise and quality is assured.

Window Glass Repair

 We can repair and replace any type of window, screens, and storm windows. We’re also happy to offer you all window glass repair services which include regular glass, commercial glass, and insulated glass repairs. We have a team of professional customer care representatives who will answer all your questions in regards to window services. The best part is that you won’t have to clear your bank account to enjoy our services; we offer competitive prices for all your windows and glass repairs. We also offer a wide array of window designs that will suit your unique taste and will accent your home/commercial building perfectly.

Frameless Shower Door

A frameless glass shower door is modern and minimalistic. Having us install such a door for your new shower is an excellent choice! Our excellent workmanship will ensure a lovely and fully functional door.

Emergency Board Up Service

In case of your window breaking suddenly due to impact or a strong storm, we have an emergency service available to board up the affected area. We can then proceed to provide you with repair options as well.

Commercial Glass repair

Be it a glass door to a conference room, a window, or even storefront glass, we have the necessary know-how and the implements to provide you and your place of business with very reliable repairs at fair rates. We understand how important such repairs can be, which is why you can count on a timely response from us!

For any of the aforementioned services and more, you can book an appointment with Kennedy Glass in DC at (202) 892-7916! We are available and ready to be of assistance anywhere in Washington, DC.

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