Your Frequently Asked Questions!

The windows of our home or business play a crucial role in our safety. They protect us from bad weather and debris. Therefore, we should pay close attention to their condition. When the glass shows signs of damage, you have to call a glass repair specialist to gauge the situation. Make your residential or commercial property a safer and more secure place with the prompt services offered by Kennedy Glass in DC. If you are searching for a company in Washington, DC to assist you with efficient installations and repairs, you have come to the right place. Below, we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions our new clients ask:

  • What exactly do you do? You can call our professional glass repair service technicians for a wide variety of services, incorporating window installation, glass repair, frameless shower door options, storefront installations, and more. In addition, you can hire us for the execution of any shower door installations, and door and fogged window glass repair. We also offer an emergency board up service.

  • Do you do that for both residential homes and commercial buildings? Yes, we do!

  • How do I know I have problems with my doors or windows? The biggest tell-tale sign is if they don’t operate properly. If you can’t close them tight or they make too many loud noises, this calls for a residential glass repair service. You may notice that they sag or the glass is cracked as well.

  • My glass is broken. Do I have to replace it? We cannot give you a straightforward answer. We have to see the window to be able to determine the level of damage and suggest an appropriate method for repair or a full replacement. Sometimes, our technicians can provide you with a same-day glass repair service.

  • My windows are leaking. What’s wrong? There are two possible culprits – either there is something wrong with your windows and frames or the leak is coming from the roof. Again, a thorough inspection is needed.

  • How much do you charge? Most of our clients in Washington, DC will admit that our services are very affordable. Of course, you can take advantage of our free upfront estimates or for more information on our discounts, you can give us a call at (202) 892-7916.

  • I need some vanity mirrors for my bathroom renovation. Can you help me? Yes, we can. Besides the standard glass repair and maintenance, we also offer vanity and custom mirror installations. Our experts can talk to you about your preferences and have many suitable designs from which you can choose.

  • How can you help me make my store a safer place? As Kennedy Glass in DC specializes in storefront installation and replacement, yes, we can make your commercial facility a safer place by providing effective services. When they are damaged, call our company for an immediate replacement to match perfectly with the other windows of your store. We also provide safety glass too. Additionally, you can rely on us for emergency board up services.

  • My glass looks foggy and I can’t seem to clean it. Is there anything wrong with it? You most probably have two-panel casements and air has entered the space between the two panels. Basically, they should not do that. This issue is called “seal failure.” Call our commercial & residential glass repair professionals to examine them and offer the best solution for you!


  • Glass Repair
  • Vanity Mirror Repair
  • Window Installation
  • Frameless Shower Door
  • Emergency Board Up Service
  • Commercial Glass repair
  • Storefront Glass Repair
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Foggy Glass Repair
  • Skylight Glass Repair
  • Patio Door Installation
  • Patio Door Glass Repair
  • Window Repair
  • Foggy Glass Replacement
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