Are you looking for someone who can fix your foggy windows and other glass surfaces? If you are, you’ll want to get in touch with Kennedy Glass in DC. We’re a team of glass specialists who are based in Washington, DC, and one of our specialties is foggy glass repair. Call us to take advantage of this service!

What Causes Glass Surfaces to Fog Up?

It’s normal for glass panes and panels to fog up when they’re exposed to conditions that result in condensation. However, condensation isn’t the only culprit behind foggy glass surfaces! This issue can also be caused by many other factors, but one of the most common reasons is broken window seals. Our reliable foggy glass repair service can handle these issues promptly.

Most modern windows are built with two or three glass panels that are factory-sealed to create a single unit. Before they’re sealed together, the space between these panels is filled with an inert gas that slows down the speed of the air molecules that pass through them and therefore create a reliable barrier against heat transfer and heat loss.

Unfortunately, there are instances when the seals that hold the glass panes together would become damaged. When this happens, the inert gases can escape and outdoor air would take their place between the glass panels. Outdoor air usually contains a lot of moisture, which can then condense when outdoor temperatures become lower than the temperatures inside your home. These are the cases when our excellent foggy window glass repair services can come in handy!

Foggy Glass Repairs and Replacement

Foggy glass panes can be fixed through the defogging technique. This involves drilling a tiny hole into the affected window to remove the moisture between the panes, injecting an anti-fogging solution, and sealing the hole and the glass panels. However, this only removes the moisture; it doesn’t improve the thermal performance of the window since the inert gases aren’t replaced. If you want to have energy-efficient windows, the best thing to do is to replace the damaged window with a new one. In this case, our quality foggy glass replacement service is at your disposal!

Kennedy Glass in DC is the right contractor to hire if you need help with foggy window glass repair. Call us now at (202) 892-7916 to schedule an appointment with our experts in Washington, DC!


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