Emergency Board Up Service in Washington, DC

Not Just a Broken Glass Repair Expert: We Also Offer an Emergency Board Up Service

Property owners in Washington, DC know that they can rely on Kennedy Glass in DC whenever they need professional broken glass repair solutions. However, we don’t just fix damaged glass windows and other surfaces — we provide an emergency board up service, too! Give us a call if you need assistance with boarding up your house or commercial building!

The Importance of Board-Up Services

A lot of homeowners and landlords nowadays decide to use glass doors, windows, and walls in their property since these products can add a sleek and elegant look to any space. However, the downside of this is that glass is more fragile than other materials, which means that they can easily be damaged when exposed to large amounts of impact.

Dealing with broken glass surfaces can be challenging since they can’t be fixed or replaced overnight. This means that, while you’re waiting for the glass repair or replacement process to be completed, your property is basically exposed to the elements and can be easily accessed by burglars and vandals.

Fortunately, you can keep your house or building safe by boarding up the areas with damaged glass panels. By taking this step, you can prevent rain and winds from entering your property and doing damage to your furniture, appliances, and other things. Of course, you’ll make your property more difficult to break into, which can discourage would-be burglars from targeting your home or office and waltzing away with your valuables.

Get in Touch With Us

You can tackle the board-up process all by yourself, but it’s best to entrust the task to experts like Kennedy Glass in DC. By getting our help, you’ll have the assurance that your property will be boarded up with sturdy and high-quality materials and that it will stay safe and secure while the repairs are taking place. Call us today at (202) 892-7916 to take advantage of our emergency board up service in Washington, DC!


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