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Skylights are an excellent addition to any house since they allow natural light to stream through your roof while still keeping rain and winds away from your home interiors. However, even though modern skylights are built to be sturdy and durable, they aren’t invincible to damage and can still get cracked or broken when exposed to impact and other factors. When this happens, you’ll want to get in touch with skylight glass repair experts like Kennedy Glass in DC.

Based in Washington, DC, we have the tools and equipment to fix skylights in a quick and efficient way and bring them back to excellent condition. If you need assistance with skylight repair, just give us a ring and our experts will be there to perform the required repairs.

Common Skylight Glass Issues

Just like with any other glass surfaces, skylight glass panels are prone to developing chips and cracks. This is particularly common if you have any trees that grow near your house and hang over the roof. These trees can drop nuts and acorns on your skyline and expose the glass to impact that can result in chips and cracks. Their leaves and branches can also brush against the skylight glass, causing scratches that can make the glass look blurry and unsightly over time.

Leaks are another common issue with glass skylights. If the seal around the glass panel weakens over time, it can allow moisture to seep through and enter your home. When this happens, you’ll notice water dripping from your skylight, creating puddles that can create slip hazards, and causing water damage to your flooring, furniture, and anything else beneath the skylight.

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Fixing glass skylights isn’t something that you can easily do all by yourself. Because of this, it’s important to hire experts like Kennedy Glass in DC instead of taking the DIY route. Dial (202) 892-7916 today to use our skylight glass repair solutions in Washington, DC!


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