To Repair or Replace?

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What is Residential Glass Repair?

Whether it was a kid throwing a rock at it, or your cat accidentally smacking on the glass, a broken window or glass door can totally be an eyesore. Should you have it replaced or is there a better and more cost-efficient way? This is where residential glass repair comes in. So what is residential glass repair you may ask? Now here are a couple of the basics:

Residential glass repair companies come to your home and take a look at the glass window or door in question. With their knowledge, they will gauge if the damage is possible to be repaired or if a total replacement would be needed.

If it does need to be replaced, most companies might turn you over to another company to replace the glass. So it’s best if you contacted one that already is established and is a glass manufacturer as well.

But if they think that it’s still possible for the damage to be repaired, then they will be using their own set of tools and skill to return the glass as close to the original for as possible. If you were to hire an inexperienced company, that’s new to the business, then you might find their work to be sub-par or even unsatisfactory, so It’s best to hire Residential Glass Repair Companies who employ workers who have years of experience on the matter.

Having your broken glass repaired is the most cost-efficient way to go, but opinion varies from company to company to find the one you can trust. Kennedy Glass in DC has been in the business for years, so you’ll be sure that they’ll get the job done right for you. They are located at Washington, DC and you can contact them at (202) 892-7916. Kennedy Glass in DC will have you looking at the bright side in no time!

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