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Tips on How to Repair Sliding Glass Doors

If you have sliding glass doors, the chances are they would have already been damaged or will be sometime in the future. And as the saying goes, “forearmed, is forewarned,” loosely translated, having knowledge on how to handle a situation goes a long way, which is why you should read this Kennedy Glass in DC post just in case you need to make repairs.

The first thing to do is to inspect the structure of your door. Depending on its configuration, you could be able to lift the sliding door out of its track. To do this, stand on the inside of the door structure, and firmly grip each end of the door and raise upwards. This should, in theory, lift the door panel off and out of its track.

Your door repair could be in two specific areas: the rollers or the tracks. In order for you to determine if it is the rollers, place the door on a pair of sawhorses. This allows you to inspect the rollers along the top and the bottom of the door. Should you find it is the rollers that are damaged or warped, use a screwdriver to free them from the framing of the door.

Take the detached roller to your local hardware store and ask them for a replacement. By doing this basic procedure, it does save on time and allows you to repair your sliding glass door with ease. Then simply attach the new rollers to the door framing.

If it turns out to be the doors track, try giving them a good cleaning first. This can be achieved with a vacuum, and some warm water and a mild detergent.

When your sliding glass door has been smashed, then you will need to take the entire door to your nearest glass shop and have them replace the glass for you.

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