Just Come Home to Find Your Window Smashed?

Emergency Board up Tips for Smashed Windows


Find some gloves

When you are unable to contact an emergency board up service like Kennedy Glass in DC. Then continue reading our blog to find out some helpful tips. Glass is sharp and the last thing you want to top off your night is to be cut by glass, so make sure you wear some heavy duty gloves before touching any glass. When your window is just cracked and there is no glass missing, carefully feel around the cracked area and then gently press the glass to make sure it is not loose and will fall out.


Tape over cracks

When the glass feels sturdy, get some wide masking tape and carefully tape over all the cracks, when possible, make sure you tape both sides, however, when the glass is not sturdy, remove it carefully out of the frame.


Grab a tape measure

Measure the area which needs boarding up, should you have enough tape, we strongly recommend that you cover the entire window pane to ensure maximum safety.


Covering the window pane

Cover the broken area with multiple layers of sturdy garbage bags, and tape them into place using some clear packaging tape, or failing that, any packaging tape will do. A staple gun should be used when securing the plastic edges to wooden window frames. And, make sure you secure the plastic to the exterior of a window in addition to the interior.


Finding some wood to cover your window

In an ideal world, you will have some plywood in your garage, which you can cut to size. However, when this is not so, any wood will offer extra security, and this needs to be done on both sides. When your windows are not wood, you will need to attach it to the exterior brickwork of your property.


Call a professional in the morning

By now you should have a few quotes from local glazier companies, give them a call as soon as possible.


If you are looking for emergency board up service in the Washington, DC region, please do not hesitate to call today at (202) 892-7916.

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