Can a “Broken” Soul Be Fixed?

A Glass Repair Service Fixes Broken Mirrors and Their Consequences  

In ancient Greece, mirrors weren’t only meant for checking your physical image. They were also believed to be portals to the soul. Therefore, breaking a mirror somehow “broke” your soul. Will fixing the mirror unbreak your soul? Our glass repair service providers can’t promise, but that seems to be a logical conclusion…

7 Years of Bad Luck

The ancient Romans developed the broken mirror idea. They thought that a broken mirror meant exactly seven years of bad luck – the same time that they believed took the renewal of life. Another belief is that if the mirror breaks into small pieces, the luck will be not so bad as it would be if the mirror has broken into larger pieces.

What Bad Luck Means

The bad luck can manifest itself in different ways – from lost love to lost friendship to the loss of the life of someone in your household.

Older Than Greece and Rome

That the idea may be older than Greece and Rome is suggested by the fact that the same belief also exists in older Cultures, such as the Chinese, Indian, as well well as Native American.

What a Broken Mirror Means Today

The people of today don’t take superstitions seriously, yet they avoid certain situations just in case. A broken mirror, however, brings other concerns than bad luck. The little or big pieces of glass can create a mess in the room and cause injury to those who step on them by accident. Besides, the mirror may have been valuable, if only for aesthetic or sentimental reasons.

If your mirror breaks, however, don’t be fast to count the bad omens because some damage can be fixed by a provider of a professional glass repair service. In Washington, DC, one such team of professionals can be found at Kennedy Glass in DC. Contact us today so that we can restore your mirror to its original state, as well as your peace of mind. Call (202) 892-7916 for results of exceptional quality!

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